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Retrospective Portfolio 
by Suzie Marsh

This page illustrates some of Suzie’s sculptures that she has made over the past 30 years.

The work ranges from original hand built sculptures made using stoneware clay fired to high temperatures to

castings in bronze and bronze resin.

Miniture Shetland Ponies - lifesize - bronze resin
Puffin with Fish - bronze resin
Horse - lifesize
Elephant Parage - Hope of Freedom
large Leapfrogging Fox - bronze resin
Boxing Hares - foundry bronze
Arthur & Andy Warthogs - bronze resin
White Mare and Foal - olive stone resin
Wolf Howling at the Mooon at Delamore Arts
Augustus and Livia at Delamore Suzie Marsh
Running Puffin on Rock - Limited Edition of 150
Suzie Marsh - Reassurance 2. Giraffe Heads - hand built in stoneward clay- 64cmH x 28cmW x 27cmD
Tiger Head at Delamore
Suzie Marsh - Freinds. Zebra Heads - hand-built in stoneware clay - 29cmH x 28cmW x  28cmD
Taurus Moon Bear Cub
Boabe Moon Bear Head with Cong
Oliver sitting
Bodo in Bed 2
Water Buffalo
Bodo in Bed
Water Dragon
Cropped Horse
Sheep with Lamb on Back
Penguins on the Beach
Sheep with Lamb at Side
Hippo Wallow
Indian Runners
Jackass Penguins by the Sea
Duck Trio
Black Swans
Bear in Cage
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