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Charities Suzie Supports

Suzie is a keen supporter of many animal charities. She has particular links to those charities listed below and raises funds for them by collecting royalties on the sales of sculptures relevant to their cause. 

Click on a logo below to find out more about how Suzie gives her support, for updated information on special charity auctions and ways to buy items in support of your favourite charity.

Animal Asia


The latest addition to Suzie’s charitable stable is the AnimalsAsia Foundation which works to rescue Moon Bears from bile farms in China and Vietnam. The rescued bears are unable to fend for themselves and have to be kept in sanctuaries for the rest of their lives.

Suzie has made some limited edition pieces which are auctioned to collectors and supporters of the Foundation to raise funds and she also has two portrait pieces of Jasper, the Foundation’s “cover boy”, there are also pieces available from the Moonstruck 2012 Exhibition. 


Royalties from all sales made through Suzie are passed directly to the Foundation. Sculptures and gift items are vaiable through Suzie’s online shop. In 2013 Suzie also went on a Trek through Vietnam to raise money for Animals Asia. In May 2011 Suzie travelled to China to visit the Animal Asia Moon Bear Sanctuary, to read her reflections on her moving visit click here  Or to download printable PDF click this icon

Animal Asia website:                                    Follow Animals Asia

Some of my work inspired by Animal Asia

Olly in Tyre - large - bronze resin
Paddy in Pond - bronze resin
Moon Bear with Butterflies - detail - foundry bronze
Moon Bear in crusher cage - Ceramic
Ki in Climbing Frame -  bronze resin
George - Ceramic
Ginny  with stick - foundry bronze
Boabe playing with Kong - Ceramic
Jasper licking Honey - - detail - bronze resin
JAsper sitting moon bear
Moon Bear with Bird - foundry bronze.
Jasper & Banjo Playing Moon Bears
Jasper eating moon bear
Small Olly in Tyre
Elephant Parage - Hope of Freedom
Emy with Bamboo Toy
Taurus Moon Bear Cub
Oliver sitting
Bodo in Bed
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Turgwe Hippo Trust


Suzie has supported the Turgwe Hippo Trust in Zimbabwe for many years and has adopting several of the hippos who live at Hippo Haven on the Turgwe river in Zimbabwe.  The adoptions support the trust with their work of maintaining watering holes in the river and providing food and support to the hippos during the frequent dry periods.

Suzie has recently sculpted a baby hippo head, “Grace”, with the express intention of raising further funds for the sanctuary. “Grace” is available to buy on this website and the price includes a year’s adoption of Grace or any other Turgwe hippo of your choice.  This would make an unusual and very worthwhile gift for your friends and family. Go to our Online Sales page for more details.


About the Trust. 
The Turgwe Hippo Trust was formed in 1993 by Karen Paolillo and her husband Jean-Roger to protect and conserve the Turgwe hippos. Karen and Jean-Roger brought in food for ten months during the horrendous drought of 1991/92 and saved the lives of the last hippos within the Turgwe River in the south east lowveld of Zimbabwe. At the end of the drought the only hippos alive in the Turgwe were the thirteen under their care, all others having died or moved far away never to return.


“Without our adoption project we would not have any form of regular income to keep the  Turgwe Trust going.
Tourism to Zimbabwe totally dried up in 2000 and has not yet recovered, so the Trust is completely dependent on our foster parents to support these amazing animals.”  - Karen Paolillo, Founder.

Animal Asia website:                  Follow Turgwe Hippo Trust

Some of my work inspired by Turgwe Hippo Trust

Bob and Grace hippo heads - bronze resin
Hipp Wallow
Large Hippo Wallow (bob, Grace, Tembia, cheeky & peaches)
Hippo Group in Turquoise
Bob and Grace 1
Hippo Group in Green
Bob Hippo Head
small Hippo Wallow in Pond - bronze resin
Grace baby hippo head
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Cats Protection


Cats Protection was the first charity to benefit from Suzie’s donations of royalties raised from the sales of her cat sculptures. In recognition of the role that cats played in her early work she began donating to Cats Protection soon after setting up her workshop and her support continues to this day. Her large collection of cats can be found in her online shop or many stockist’s around the UK.

About Cats Protection

We help around 200,000 cats and kittens every year thanks in no small part to our network of over 250 volunteer-run branches and 32 adoption centres.
These include the charity's flagship adoption centre in Chelwood Gate, Sussex where our administrative offices can also be found.
Cats Protection is governed by a Board of Trustees which, in turn, is advised on its decisions by an Advisory Council of appointed representatives of the charity’s membership.

Animal Asia website:                                        Follow Cats Protection

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Some of my work inspired by Cats Protection 

small Stretching Maxim
Pheobe Sleeping with Hanging Paw
Raffy face detail
Raffy Main Coon Kitten
Hattie Washing Kitten
BonBon Washing 1
Pippi sitting up
BonBon Washing 2
Corkely-Lucia 42cm
BonBon Playing
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