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Portland Stone Sculptures

Suzie has been experimenting with colour and crushed white Portland Stone provides an excellent medium for this. The smooth Portland Stone resin sculptures have a very nice tactile feel which is similar to soapstone.

Suzie supplies many outlets around the country or alternatively browse our online shop managed by Proper Living.

Please contact Suzie if you have any enquiries.

Luna Washing Kitten
Mother Polar bear
Polar bear family B
Snow Leapard
Drinking Tiger Portland Stone resin with black stain - Suzie Marsh
Small Curled Cat Terracotta
Horse with back lace - turquoise
Polar Bear Cub B
Polar bear family C
Snow Leapard front & back
green standing hippo
Terracotta hippos
lying Zebra
Small Curled Cat PS
Hippo Group in Turquoise
Polar Bear Mum & Cub on back a
green sitting hippo
Horse saddle Terracotta
Horses White
Drinking Tiger Portland Stone resin
Small Curled Cat Turquoise
Polar Bear Mum & Cub
Horse with neck lace - green
Horses all colours
Horses terracotta
Small Curled Cat Green
Lying Zebra Portland stone resin
Lying Hippo in Green
Lying Hippo in Turquoise
Terracotta Standing Hippo
Terracotta Sitting Hippo
small curled cats in green & turquoise portland stone resin
Polar Bear Mum & Cub on back b
lucia & bindu
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