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Pewter Sculptures

Suzie has produced her sculpture in many mediums and her smallest sculptures have worked particularly well in Pewter, the weight of the metal and the high quality casting method has created a very different and unique sculpture to her normal bronze resin and the new foundry bronze giving a unique feel to these little sculptures, very tactile and collectable.
The ducks and mice and now the moon bears in her current collection.

Suzie supplies many outlets around the country or alternatively browse our online shop managed by Proper Living.

Please contact Suzie if you have any enquiries.

Indian runner duck set 2
Chees&Pickle set
Pickle mouse
Chees&Pickle text
Cheese Mouse
Pewter Starlgiht and Delaney
small Delaney Pewter SQUARE
small Starlight PEWTER
Indian runner duck set 1
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