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Ceramic Original Sculptures

Original hand built sculpture is made using stoneware clays fired to high temperatures making them suitable for the house and garden.  Glazes are used sparingly as Suzie feels that they obscure too much of the clay’s texture and detail. Instead she prefers to use oxides and matt ceramic pigments to colour her work, restricting glazing to small decorative highlights of more ornate pieces. One off pieces of handbuilt ceramic sculpture finished with oxide decoration.

Contact us if you wish to purchase or commission a ceramic piece.

These ceramic originals sculptures are not available through our stockist or online shop.

Suzie Marsh - Reassurance 2. Giraffe Heads - hand built in stoneward clay- 64cmH x 28cmW x 27cmD
Tiger Head at Delamore
Tiger and Cub in garden
Suzie Marsh - Family. Zebra and foal - hand-built in stoneare clay - 25cmH x 36cmW x  29cmD
Suzie Marsh - Safe (question mark). Tiger & Cub -  hand-built in stoneware clay - 16cmH x 38cmL  x 2
Brothers - Tiger Cub Heads - Stoneware Original Sculpture - 30cmH x 39cmL x 21cmD
Suzie Marsh - Freinds. Zebra Heads - hand-built in stoneware clay - 29cmH x 28cmW x  28cmD
Suzie Marsh -  Buffalo. Heads - hand-built in stoneware clay - 56cmH x 60cmW x 47cmD
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