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Karen Paolillo

"Hippo Lady of Zimbabwe" 
has spent the last 25 years of her life helping hippos. 

Hear how at her talk at the Royal Geographical Society 

Introduction by Jill Robinson MBE, Dr med vet hc, Hon LLD
Founder & CEO
Animals Asia Foundation


It started as a life and death situation during a horrendous drought in 1992, where Karen saved the last 13 hippo by her home on the Turgwe river. The river had run dry and all grazing was gone. She set to work raising sufficient funds to build a water site and to buy food for the hippos. And so the non-profit Turgwe Hippo Trust came into being. Since then 54 calves have been born. Then in 2016 a severe drought happened all over again. This time 19 hippos and over 200 other animals were saved. 

21st November 2017 
Royal Geographic Society 
London Ondaatje Theatre. 
Doors open at 17.45 to 21.00

Talk starts at 18.30
tickets available on line from 1st September at

Come along for a unique evening filled with positive focus on how we can all make a difference. With photos she will present the animals situation and inspire you with her courage and dedication to the hippos and all the animals that live around her.

Karen in Pickup
Zebra & Wildebeest
Hippo and calf
Karen & Hippos
Karen & Hippos 2
Hippos eating 2
Karen & Hippos 3
Hippos eating
elephants eating
Maxi and BonBon
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