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New Releases:

Main Gallery used:  Masonry Grid

To add new large sculpture to large sculpture page:

Choose "pages" scroll down to "large sculpture "template" - click on "..." - click "duplicate" - re-name - check - done. start to edit.


highlight the word that requires the link - click of link symbol (chain) - choose the page the link is to go to - if a web page find the page and copy the web address for the item - then paste into box. done.

To add new large sculpture to Large Sculpture Page:

go to pages and click on "large sculpture" page - click on add picture - up load picture as usual - click on link and link to the relevant page you have just made.

To add name to message box on large sculpture:

click on page for that sculpture from the page menu - click on contact box - click on edit text - scroll down to "message" and type in name - save and publish.

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