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'Banjo' on Moon

To Celebrate Animals Asia 20th Anniversary

50% of the profit on each one sold is donated to Animals Asia




26cm High x 31cm Long x 20cm Deep


Limited Edition of 20

"Banjo" on Moon is a sculpture of a Moon Bear lying on a moon crescent.  On the front of the moon is the embossed Animals Asia 20th Anniversary logo.  On the back are the Chinese characters that read "moon bear".



Made from Bronze Resin with a goldleaf "moon" detail and is suitable for indoors or outdoors. 

Made in Britain

It is sold in aid of Animal Asia

To Purchase

This sculpture is made to order. Please contact us if  you have any queries or would like to place an order.

EMAIL us below or Tel: 01840 213468

Banjo on Moon logo detail e.jpg
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