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Exhibitions & Events

Near future exhibits and events Suzie will showcase her work.

Delamore 2024.JPG

Legacy of Love book launched in September 2021

Capture ll.JPG
Phoebe. Bronze Resin.jpg
Steve Hippo - right side - bronze resin - Suzie Marsh.jpg
Mr Dave Sun Bear. w.jpg

Legacy of Love will be a luxury, coffee table book, filled with heartfelt words, stunning photos and beautiful art. The brainchild of Lynne Chitty who has been working on the project for over a year. A unique book it brings together 50 charity founders, actors, poets, artists and photographers, each contributing a chapter explaining and celebrating their love of animals in personal words and stunning pictures. I am lucky enough to be one of the artists contributing to this book and its wonderful cause.

There will be a book launch held at the prestigious Nature in Art museum in Gloucestershire in September, celebrating the creation of the book and celebrating animals themselves. A selling exhibition of the art and photography will be staged in conjunction with the launch. The artworks will be hung in the main two galleries at Nature in Art, the world's first and Europe's only museum dedicated to art inspired by nature.  At least 50% of sales will go to the animal charities featured in the book.

For more information go to:

Above are three of the bronze resin sculptures that I will be exhibiting at the book launch. Namely Phoebe Burmese Cat, Mr Dave Sun Bear and Steve Hippo.

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